UI/UX Design and Development

Well-designed user interface and enjoyable user-experience is a key to increase your user interaction and drive sales. In today’s highly competitive market, rich feel and great look go hand in hand. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are an essential part of web applications, mobile app designs, and software development to create a lasting impression on users’ mind. From conceptualization to UX, from graphics to branding a well-planned and executed UI bridges the gap between stakeholder goals and user expectations.
That’s where Webfarmatics Technology brings the most critical aspect to deliver exceptional customer experience. Considering human behaviour, we start by thinking about the user feel, ease of use, and experience to ensure satisfaction when they interact with your product. Our skilled designers and adroit developers work closely to ensure that the entire process is perfectly structured.

Our UI Development Services
• Angular JS
• jQuery
• Bootstrap
• Foundation
• React JS

Custom Software Development Consulting Services

Identify and prioritize business goals, analyze existing investments, and create a roadmap for software delivery and monitoring services Work with our experts to create a timeline for building a software solution that is optimized for your specific business needs Avail personalized IT and software development consulting workshops with Cuelogic tech and domain experts

Web App Development

Build customized web apps or progressive web apps that intuitively solve business problems Create browser-agnostic apps that are easy to maintain due to a common code base across platforms Build cloud-native web apps that can efficiently adapt to surges in demand, thus avoiding high latency and long loading times

Mobile App Development

Develop smart mobile apps that analyze user data to incorporate the power of AI-ML for giving users personalized experiences. Using powerful, customizable frameworks and boilerplates to develop apps and thereby accelerate time to market. Incorporate real-time user feedback to constantly improve your applications. Build native, web, hybrid, and PWAs on iOS and Android. Receive our expertise in multiple languages, SDKs, and frameworks such as Flutter, Vue.js, React Native, Xamarin, and more.

API Development and Integration

Adopt an API-driven architecture when building distributed architectures, such as microservices, to maximize flexibility, scalability, and uptime Synchronize data across multiple applications when implementing open source or third party APIs and integrate these with your existing software/infrastructure Ensure security by implementing fine-grained access and control policies Extend company-wide automation and enable integration with a variety of software systems and subsystems