As a Big Data Consulting Company, Webfarmatics Technology recognize that simply gathering data is not enough. You must use data to uncover significant insights about your procedures and put them into action. The capacity to correctly interpret, process, extract, value, and visualize data would be the secret to a successful firm. Our technical experts provide organizations with dependable Big Data analytics consultation and brief implementation services.


Our big data development solutions help you with data integration into analytics-driven systems or help enterprises build scalable big data solutions from scratch. Our seasoned team of big data engineers helps you maximize the return on your investment and get various other business benefits.

Big Data Consulting

Our big data consultants help businesses best use big data to achieve specific goals. This involves identifying opportunities for using big data to improve customer service or develop new products and services.

Batch Processing

Our big data batch processing service helps in processing large volumes of data for computing transactions in a limited period

Big Data Analytics & Reporting

Our BI experts help small and mid-sized enterprises transform vast amounts of unstructured data into a customizable and visualized report. We are providing interactive dashboards for customized reports which are easily integrated with different data sources.

Big Data Testing & Automation

Our big data testing and automation services ensure data quality, accuracy, consistency, and completeness through big data testing and automation. We are providing data stage validation and MapReduce validation.

Big Data Development

Our big data development experts help businesses make better decisions by analyzing large data sets. Our experts identify opportunities and vulnerabilities by looking at data trends and patterns.

Big Data Support

We are providing following services:

• Big data solution administration.
• Big data software updating.
• Adding new users and handling permissions.
• Big data management.
• Big data cleaning.
• Big data backup and recovery.
• Big data solution performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Big Data Technologies

Webfarmatics Technology offers wide range of Big Data development services using high-end technologies that are tailored to the needs of particular businesses.

Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi is a tool for automating the data flow from one system to another. Moving large amounts of data from one platform to another is a difficult process. Apache NiFi makes that simple and convenient with its vast range of capabilities and benefits. At Webfarmatics Technology, our technical experts will allow you to reap all of the benefits without interruption.

Apache Cassandra

The most difficult aspect of big data architecture is storing and retrieving data as needed. Apache Cassandra is intended to solve this problem and give customers a reliable database, regardless of data size. Webfarmatics Technology vast expertise will assist you in extracting every element of the tool.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark Big Data allows lightning-fast computing to boost your company's productivity. The tool will save you time and reduce mistakes while providing the highest level of security. Webfarmatics Technology will assist you in personalizing the experience of processing massive data while maintaining security features.

Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is a set of software tools that allows you to simultaneously store and process data. To achieve the goal and reflect error-free and speedy solutions, the tool employs a cluster of systems. Webfarmatics Technology is one of the top Big Data Development companies because of our skill in integrating Apache Hadoop and regular follow-ups.

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka provides a library that allows users to create apps and websites that stream data. Big data processing becomes simple with real-time analytics. However, because the program is written in Java and Scala, you will need the assistance of an expert to eliminate errors. Webfarmatics Technology, with its pool of highly competent developers, raises its hand to ensure the highest level of quality.

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